Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments

Chalking measurement gets even easier with the new ZHC 1200 HELMEN®-Chalking tester

ZHC 1200 Zehntner-HELMEN®-Chalking tester in use
For many years the principle of nephelometry has been tried and trusted for determining the degree of chalking. It is the only method delivering reliable, reproducible and objective measuring results independent from the individual person.

Zehntner, the Swiss manufacturer of precision instruments presents the ZHC 1200 HELMEN®-Chalking tester, the subsequent generation of this unique measuring instrument for quantitative determination of the degree of chalking resulting from natural or artificial weathering of coatings. It makes use of a specimen holder as well as of direct measurement of the light-transmitting properties (luminous transmittance) of samples.

This very first chalking tester with a touchscreen on which you can immediately read off the degree of chalking, shows superior sensitivity at the most crucial initial chalking stages as well as high accuracy also with regard to coloured pigments.