Cereplast adds production shifts, new bioplastic platforms


Thus far in a busy 2010, renewable plastics supplier Cereplast (El Segundo, CA) has been listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and started up a new manufacturing facility in Indiana. And now, as commercial adoption of its materials broadens and a second production shift is added, the company is reorienting its products around two primary "families": compostables and sustainable. Speaking with PlasticsToday at Pira's Biopolymers Symposium held in Denver, CO in mid-October, Frederic Scheer, Cereplast's chairman and CEO, said that the compostables line would be focused on end-of-life biodegradation, pairing starches with bioplastics, while sustainables would be built around its hybrid material that targets more durable goods.

Within the compostables platform, which has traditionally utilized polylactic acid (PLA), Scheer said his company will be adding additional bioresins for product development, including polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), polyhydroxybutyrate-valerates (PHBV), and succinic acid, partnering with manufacturers of those materials, just as it has collaborated with PLA manufacturer NatureWorks....
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