Ceramic nano-particles could help processors beat copycats and pirates


A small company in Southern Germany has developed a new means to help plastics processors, their customers, and others take some of the sting out of the damage done by product piracy. The high-tech solution relies on a material used for centuries to give a product "its own DNA."

The company, Polysecur, is based in Freiburg, Germany. Although there are thousands of different tools available to help prevent product piracy, Joechen Moesslein, managing director at Polysecur, claims his company's is both unique and more effective. "We've a very clear vision—to give every product its own DNA," is how he describes the results realized using the company's product. Polysecur dopes micro- or nano-scale powder granules of ceramic to take advantage of the material's properties such as temperature stability, inertness, compression strength, and more. The supplier claims adding its powder will only add marginal cost to a product, similar to that for a colorant or other additive dosed in low levels....
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