CeraCon GmbH

CeraCon remains on course of expansion

The German company CeraCon GmbH remains on course of expansion and enlarges its capacities. The engineering company which was founded in 2000 with 5 persons has moved to a new building in 2002, but last year CeraCon recognised that more production space would be necessary and a new production hall has to be built. The exceptional development of the business area “Contract gasketing” lead to the fact that parts of the company have to move from the headquarters to a new domicile.
CeraCon is designing, engineering and selling customer-specific machines for sealing and curing parts of different branches such as the automotive, the automotive suppliers, the electronics or the white goods. A few months after the foundation of the company a new business area was created in addition to the engineering sector: the Contract gasketing. This business division is applying foam to the parts that the customers provide. The operation of such machines as well as the storage of customer parts were reasons why more space is

needed. Therefore the company decided to rent a new building last year. To meet the requirements of the market it was necessary for CeraCon to build a new production hall for the business area „Contract gasketing“.

Starting in October 2008 four production machines and ten operators are working in three-shift operation and are taking care that foam is applied to door latches, headlights, valve heads, electronic housings, door modules, ABS and airbag controls and to much more parts of new vehicles of different manufacturers. The building has got estimated construction costs of about 1.5 Mio. Euro and has got a size of approx. 1.900 square yard, so that up to seven production machines with 18 work places can be installed.

It was a clear decision for CeraCon to stay in Weikersheim as the support of the municipality is exceptional. The General Manager of CeraCon, Mr. Andreas Kreissl, who is responsible for Sales and Marketing, pointed out that the good co-operation with the mayor is an important reason for CeraCon to stay in the region and to build the new production hall at the same location as the headquarters.