Simpsons (UK) Ltd.

Centre of Colour Excellence

Serious investments have been made into a brand new facility (35,000 sq foot) in South
Wales where ROHA Simpsons relocated to in August 2012. This allows company to have a
state of the art technical laboratory, customer service support facility and warehousing
capacity of 500 metric tonnes. The company now employs more than 100 people and these
investments are made to support company’s aspiration to become leading supplier of Dyes
& Pigments to UK and European customers.
This centre of excellence will facilitate Simpsons to work closely with customers for new
product development and projects. All this is possible with the help of brand new
equipments that have been installed and commissioned at this facility. The sales team will
contact customers very soon to explain in details new developments at Simpsons and
demonstrate our strengths in our field of business.
* Single Screw Extruder for FPV
* Single Screw Extruder for Film
* Twin Screw Extruder for making master batch
*Computerised Roll Mill
* Hydraulic Press
* Injection Moulder and
* many other equipments