Cellulac to retrofit brewery for production of 2G feedstock-based lactic acid

Cellulac, the innovative Galway, Ireland-based producer of sustainable lactic acid, has agreed to lease a 6.8 acre site in Dundalk from the Irish Whiskey Co., which was until recently the home of the second largest brewery in Ireland. Cellulac plans to retrofit the brewery facilities for the sustainable production of lactic acid from second generation (2G) feedstocks.

Circumventing the debate about using food/feed crops for plastics, Cellulac is the first company to produce 99%+ optically pure L(+) and D(-) LA from both C6 and C5 sugars derived from lignocellulosic biomass. While current lactic acid producers base their production on sugar and food crops, Cellulac uses wheat straw, spent brewery grains from beer production, dried distilled grains from ethanol production and lactose whey as feedstocks to produce bio-chemicals such as lactic acid, polylactic acid, ethyl lactate and sodium lactate....

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