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Celebration for International Working Women's Day

group photo of HUAYAN women
Celebration for International Working Women's Day
On Mar.8, almost 70 female employees of Huayan gathered together, to happily celebrate the international women’s day.
After many days of delicate planning, the administrative dept. arranged 3 phases of celebrations: diner, mountain climbing and sending gifts.
At exact 12:15, all the female staff gathered at the company gate, for special farm dinner. Taken by 3 buses, the sisters really enjoyed the soothing countryside view and delicious meals later. Each of the females had a good taste of the farm dishes which was not commonly served in the city.
After the tasty dinner, everyone moved to the next phase: mountain climbing. This is a locally well-known mountain-Nan Xiangshan Forest Park. The forest is very tranquil, far away from city noise. The fresh air really energized our Huayan sisters. The slope was steep and flat at different stages, but everyone was very passionate, moving forward after a temporary sit-down to restore the physical power. I believe this mountain climbing activity really embodies the never-quitting spirit of the Huayan females. They will never lose to the males in Huayan.
At last, every one climbed up to the mountain top. The administrative management took out the prepared festival gifts and sent them out to each of the group. Everyone was really exited for the gifts and also for getting to the highest point of the mountain. They happily took pictures for memories later. The cheers and laughs broke the tranquility of the forest.
All the 3 phases ended in laughter. Everyone was obsessed in the festival atmosphere of “women are the best”, with delighting smile on every face. That’s the happiness of sport, gifts and blessings. Thank you again, Huayan.