Celanese launches line of detectable polymer technologies


Consumers and industry folks are still buzzing about luxury vehicle manufacturer Aston Martin forced into a recall of the majority of sports cars it has built since late 2007 after finding a Chinese part supplier was using counterfeit plastic material in a part supplied to the luxury sports carmaker.

Counterfeit parts is a new normal and many companies have launched an anti-counterfeit fight. The latest example of this is from materials company Celanese. The company recently launched a range of detectable polymer technologies that can help original equipment manufacturers and suppliers ensure products contain components and parts that meet their material specifications.

"Celanese is working with customers to help them meet their security and safety needs as they relate to protecting against counterfeiting," said Stefan Kutta, Celanese global director of transportation."These technologies are especially important today in light of several recalls due to inferior and counterfeit materials."

Engineered materials from Celanese are available with anti-counterfeiting technologies to help assist OEM and Tier suppliers in reducing the potential risk and loss of revenue from counterfeits in automotive parts, consumer products, medical devices, packaging and consumer electronics.
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