Case Study: Two-shot mold reduces cost, improves quality


It wasn’t too many years ago that moldmakers and their customers worked in different silos. The customer would throw the RFQ over the wall to the moldmaker, who in turn would quote the mold as designed and throw back a price for the mold. The customer would provide a purchase order and the job would begin.

Over the past decade, as OEMs in the automotive industry and their Tier 1 and 2 suppliers have become more and more dependent upon the expertise of the moldmaking industry, those silos have come down. Collaborative efforts have resulted in a number of changes: more involvement at the front-end of the project by the moldmaker; more collaborative efforts on the part of the moldmaker’s engineering team with the customer’s engineers; and a greater effort on the part of the moldmaker to be innovative and creative in providing solutions—not just replicate a part print....
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