Carbon dioxide boosts plastics' environmental credentials


Carbon dioxide (CO2) can help processors save on cycle times as well as clean molded parts without solvents. Gas giant Linde (Murray Hill, NJ) will present details on such technologies at the Innovation and Emerging Plastics Technologies Conference to be hosted by Penn State Erie, The Behrend College in Erie, PA, June 18-19.

One such solution is enhanced Gas-Assist Injection Molding (eGAIM), in which the conventional medium of liquid nitrogen (N2) is replaced by cryogenic CO2 to enable injection molders to greatly reduce cycle times. In fact, cooling cycles can often be reduced by more than 50% compared to cycles using N2, and overall cycles can often be reduced by 20-50% according to Linde.

"The high efficiency of carbon dioxide, including low investment costs, easy installation and convincing results, make eGAIM very attractive for injection molding for both new molds and for retrofitting existing molds," says Jim Stanley, Linde program manager for the North American plastics industry.
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