Car interior upscaling through elastomers


In steps to give their car interiors an upscale, first-class look, automakers including BMW, Audi and Saab are turning in increasing numbers to the Elastollan line of aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) with soft-touch finishes from BASF Corporation (Florham Park, NJ).

In North America, Elastollan TPUs are distributed with full technical support by Alliance Polymers & Services LLC (APS; Romulus, MI). According to a company spokesmen, minor premium additions on higher end automobiles provided by thermoplastic polyurethanes offer automobile designers and consumer high functionality with an appealing design and an extremely pleasant surface feel. One such grade, Elastollan AC85A, is now available in North America through APS. The processing and end performance characteristics of Elastollan AC85A aliphatic TPU open up a wide range of new possibilities to car and other designers.
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