Canadian association launches flexible film recycling pilot project


The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) will work with the Promenade Shopping Center on a pilot project for the collection and recycling of polyethylene (PE) flexible film. The Promenade already had an established recycling and organics program, which consisted of gathering materials such as paper, containers and food waste are collected and diverted from landfill.

"Within the remaining waste stream, it was very apparent that there are large volumes of PE flexible film that could be recovered for recycling. This opportunity made it easy to work with the CPIA and take the next recycling step," said Liem Vu, general manager of the Promenade.

PE flexible film plastics are a large component of the commercial-packaging stream and are used increasingly for packaging, shipping and daily business. This pilot project is intended to establish a case study that can be utilized as a successful example of increasing PE flexible film recycling in a shopping center environment. Commercial PE flexible film generated from store operations includes clothing bags for shipping to store, pallet or stretch wrap, air pillows, and returned retail bags as part of product returns.
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