Can San Francisco's end-of-life waste module elsewhere?


The Atlantic recently published an interesting article that went behind the scenes with San Francisco's "first-of-its-kind" trash monitoring and neighborhood outreach program. Part of the crew's job, according to the article, is to track waste and ensure that citizens are throwing the trash in the correct bin. The city's residents are required by law to separate their waste into three colored bins - compost, recycling and landfill.

It's a fascinating behind-the-scenes article of a "dirty" job that people probably don't ever think about or perhaps even knew existed. For instance, the article described how one of the workers shook their head in frustration when they found a citizen had thrown away a piece of plastic packaging in the landfill bin, instead of placing it in the recycling bin, which helped paint an image of this job's day-to-day tasks.

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