Calemard, the global reference in quality slitting rewinding and spooling flexible solutions

Backed with more than 40 years experience in machinery design, Calemard is able to propose innovative and reliable solutions for slitting and rewinding of most roll products and its strength is also linked to a wide experience in converting equipment for sensitive products. The French machine manufacturer has extended its machine range of slitter/rewinder with a new Vega S.

Dedicated to the conversion of plastic films, adhesive tapes, rubber, laminates or multilayer complex products, the Vega S is a really versatile machine, developed to respond to converter productivity needs. Our Calemard’s modular concept allows us to propose machine totally adapted to your specific requirements, with integrated or separated unwinder, with a wide range of cutting systems and unloading assistance systems.

The Vega S standard machine has been designed to be a flexible and versatile slitting solution:
Our cutting expertise allows us to propose different cutting systems (crush cutting, shear cutting, razor blades or burst cutting) for a perfect slitting quality whatever the type of product and the application, with the possibility to fit the same machine with 2 or 3 cutting systems.
On the rewinding station we could bring various solutions to increase the final product quality and machine’s productivity.
For narrow tapes, a lay-on arm associated with low and controlled winding tensions ensures a perfect rewinding quality whatever the products, widths or diameters are. To ease and optimise unloading operations, we propose to reduce operator’s handling by using fixed rewinding shafts. This system allows a lateral unloading of the bobbins on a specific trolley without handling the shafts. Unloading times are reduced and production restarts quickly. Versatility and quality could be also achieved thanks to various options such as frictions shafts, solutions to avoid electrostatic charge, banana roll, liner extractor, liner re-insertion, quick cutting adjustment system, unwinder with loading system from floor …

Calemard it’s also a range of spooling lines to convert various products for various applications. A full computer control of winding profiles and individual setting of each position ensure flexibility, consistency, stability of the spool (especially for narrow width materials) and exact repeatability thanks to a recipes storage system. Based on a modular design the Calemard’s spooling lines can be easily increased with spooling units to follow the increase of your production and be provided as simple winding module or as a complete line. Such as for our slitter/rewinders, we have developed ancillary equipment for loading, unloading or handling, to cut scrap losses due to damage in handling and slowdown/startup of production equipment when changing rolls.