CY Plastics leverages automation, legacy of innovation to reshore molding jobs from China


When I visited the Rochester area in upstate New York a number of years ago to do some plant tours, I remember driving past the sprawling empty buildings and expansive parking lots that used to be home to Kodak and Xerox, two Fortune 100 companies that put Rochester on the map technologically. While those two companies are no longer part of the manufacturing landscape in the Rochester area, they left behind a legacy that includes a growing, successful plastics industry.

About nine years ago, Andy Molodetz moved with his family back to the upstate New York area, where they were from originally. Molodetz had spent the early part of his career working for various manufacturers, so manufacturing was in his blood. As Molodetz looked around the area for his next career move, he met Charles Yacuzzo, the owner of CyTool Company Inc., who was ready to retire.

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