CT scanning unit helps Freudenberg look inside components


Automotive sealants supplier Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has invested in a new computed tomography (CT) scanning unit to help it gain insight into the inner life of the components it makes. Computed tomography, which was developed on the basis of X-ray technology, provides X-ray images from a variety of angles, allowing for the creation of computer-assisted 3-D images. These images provide an exact look at the "guts" of a component.

The CT scanning unit is housed in the microscopy department at Freudenberg Research Services, the company's R&D unit, which also offers its services to external companies.

The object being examined can be turned and rotated on screen as required and can be viewed from all conceivable angles. Freudenberg uses the images to check whether material samples, prototypes, and initial sample components meet the required specifications. These images can also be used to identify component damage and analyze its causes. To this end, components can be virtually "carved up" into pieces for a closer look at a specific section of the component....
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