TSM Control Systems

CP9000 Co-Extrusion Supervisory System

The CP9000 provides a central overview and control of the co-extrusion processes for up to 12 layers and can monitor blender data and extruder data on an individual extruder on each multilayer process simultaneously.

The system can download / retrieve information from the individual blenders and controllers utilizing client/server architecture designed to run under windows NT/2000/XP. The "server" runs on the main computer and gathers data, generates material reports, alarm reports, and administers the recipe downloads. All information is available on the operator interface which in its self is a simple, user friendly touch screen that uses intuitive graphical illustrations to show process status.

Multi – tasking not only allows the customer to simultaneously run the cp 9000 on more than one networked computer, but also simultaneously or individually ramp all extruder lines or layers via the central panel. Furthermore the cp9000 has comprehensive reporting services such as;

• Comprehensive reporting facilities allow tracking of roll, order, shift and material usage
• Time of alarm activation and reset is recorded, displayed and logged
• Production problems, output efficiency and finished product costs can all be monitored
• Standard CSV format ensures compatibility with standard spreadsheet programs
• Standard roll and order report templates can be easily viewed or formatted by the user (exported to excel)
• Complete automatic order costing is possible with a costs per unit feature available for each process input

If necessary the CP9000 can be taken out of the production loop with no impact on the running of the line. The system design allows each sub controller to run independently, and the CP9000 simply supervises and coordinates each controller. In addition, the CP9000 has a built-in Ethernet connection whereby TSM can remotely access the system from anywhere in the world. The means the TSM engineers can conduct remote diagnostics of the entire system and analysis the equipment connected to the CP9000 and if necessary remotely upgrade the software.