CMC Converting Machinery Cevenini S.r.l.

CMC CEVENINI launches brighter machine colour for 2010

The new range of AUTOMATIC LOG SLITTERS has been projected and manufactured to cut logs of self adhesive tapes, foam, plastic films, cloth, non-woven textiles, paper, roofing materials, fibre reinforced tapes, technical tapes and many other similar materials.
In 2010 the Company launched on the worldwide market the new Automatic Log Slitters with brighter colours and new technical features.
First model among these, the AUTOMATIC LOG SLITTER E420/NM5 with its new RED frame body colour (RAL3000) and the upgraded total protection guard with sliding doors.

Other technical features of this model are :

Fully automatic working cycle with the exception of loading and unloading of the material.
Working width: 1650mm.
Max. O. D. of the log: 420mm. on Ø 3” mandrel with Ø 500mm. blade.
Interchangeable mandrels from 1” to 3”
Cutting width: from 2mm. with decimal increasing.
Cutting system: single rotating blade on one mandrel.
Driven blade unit.
Pneumatic chuck with Ø 420mm. plateau.
Machine controlled by a SIEMENS PLC
Multi-width cutting preselection on the same log.
Proportional valve to adjust 3 penetration speeds of the blade into the material.
Lubricating and cooling system of the blade.
Automatic programmable blade sharpening unit with de-burring assembly easily adjustable from machine front side too.
Modem link to CMC for on-line software up-date and fault finding research.
Automatic blade pivoting angle.