CKT invests $20 million in new Brownsville, TX injection molding plant


Cascade Engineering's (Grand Rapids, MI) CK Technologies LLC (CKT) unit will invest $20 million in a new manufacturing facility in Brownsville, TX that will offer large-part injection molding for interior, exterior, and functional under-the-hood assemblies. A CKT spokesperson told PlasticsToday that the new plant, which is expected to create 121 jobs in 2011, will occupy a 1-million-ft2 former Titan Tire building and begin operations in the second quarter.

In addition to assembly equipment for secondary operations and chrome electroplating and painting in later phases, the operation will begin work with eight large-tonnage injection molding machines, ranging in clamp force from 2200-4400 tons, with an even larger press a possibility down the line. "We also are reviewing applications that lend themselves to a 6600-ton press that would also be scheduled for a later date," the spokesperson said.

CKT supplies the commercial truck and bus market, specializing in converting large parts manufactured with traditional processes to injection molded plastic. The new Brownsville facility will serve CKT customer operations located in Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico....

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