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CHEMIR Expands Polymer Characterization Capabilities

July, 2013, Maryland Heights, MO - CHEMIR recently acquired new Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) and Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) instrumentation, as the company continues to expand their capabilities for problem solving of plastic and polymers. These techniques are applied to failure analysis, product comparisons, contamination issues and other investigations.

DMA is a sensitive method used for measuring the physical characteristics of polymers and determining elastic recovery and stiffness, resistance to permanent deformation, polymer transitions, thermoset cure, end use properties and stress/strain response at programmed temperatures. CHEMIR applies DMA analysis to polymer films, sheets, composites, thermosets, foams, elastomers, adhesives, fibers and more.

CHEMIR’s new GPC allows for polymer molecular weight (MW) characterization at high and low temperatures on most polymer / solvent combinations. The instrument includes a powerful trio of detection systems - refractive index, viscometry and dual-angle light scattering. These detectors allow determination of a polymer’s absolute molecular weights as well as details associated with polymer branching.

“We are excited to have these new tools for polymer characterization,” says Christopher Andren, Technical Specialist of Chemir. “This continues to expand our ability to help companies answer challenging questions regarding their polymeric materials.”

The purchase of these instruments is in line with the laboratory’s 2013 growth plan, which includes a newly renovated synthesis laboratory, extensive building improvements, and additional scientific staff.