CGS Management: Merger between Automatik Plastic Machinery and Maag Pump Systems

CGS Management announced that Automatik Plastic Machinery, the German based manufacturer of pelletiser equipment, acquired by CGS Management in February 2008 from Rieter Group, has completed a CHF 200m merger with Maag Pump Systems, the Swiss based gear pump manufacturer.

This is the first stage of Automatik's buy and build strategy developed under the guidance of the Swiss based CGS Management.

New Group Maag Automatik
Dr. Rolf Lanz, CGS Partner, said that the deal fits with the strategic initiative to become the world's premier systems integrator for plastic processing. The combined business, to be known as Maag Automatik, will be led by Maag's CEO Ueli Thuerig and will employ over 450 people in ten countries.

Dr. Rolf Lanz said: "The deal opens up new markets, increases the product portfolio and increases the global sales and service capability of the merged companies. Maag Automatik is now able to develop and offer a complete systems solution consisting of gear pump, screen changer and pelletiser.

We will continue to actively look at further acquisitions as part of the new company's ongoing growth strategy”.

About Automatik Plastics
Automatik is one of the leading supplier of both strand and underwater pelletising equipment, which is complimentary to, and used in the same processes as Maag's gear pumps and screen changer products. Automatik employs 200 people in five global locations. Automatik was acquired by CGS Management, a Swiss based private equity firm, in February 2008 from the quoted Swiss company Rieter Group (see also plasticker-News, dated 1.9.2008).

About Maag Pump Systems
Maag is one of the leading global provider of highly engineered polymer and compounding pumps, extrusion pumps, screen changers, filtration systems and high-end industrial pumps. It serves the polymer industry and other diverse manufacturing end use applications such as the petroleum, chemical, extrusion and rubber industries. Maag has 260 employees at seven facilities. The owners of Maag - Scottish Private Equity Investor Clyde Blowers Capital - had identified the same buy and build strategy for Maag as CGS Management.

More Information: www.cgs-management.com, www.automatikgroup.com, www.maag.com