Simplas S.p.A. has a highly skilled and experienced workforce which enables us to develop and refine advanced extrusion practices.

The new cast flat die created by Simplas for extruding low density polyethylene for stretch film and cast polypropylene, with the addition of barrier layers, includes a complete series of accessories: high performance air knife, internal deckles and co-extrusion feedblocks.

The die has a new thermalblock unit, no longer made of bronze but of steel, with a renovated heating system, which allows a response speed that is 7 times higher than the previous ones, and with low energy require. A new insulating panel system allows saving energy and protects the thermal blocks from the effects of the die temperature.

The “hybrid” geometry of the channel is the ideal compromise between the T-shape and the traditional “coat hanger” shape to reduce the die body deflection caused by pressure, keeping the opening of the lips constant.

Our high quality and strict control procedures has enabled us to continually develop new products and procedures ensuring we are European market leaders in the our industry.