Cannon S.p.A.


Cannon's Trio 7 high-pressure mixhead has exceeded 750,000 shots in continuous operation at Chrysler LLC's
Windsor, Canada assembly plant. The Trio 7 is one in a family of Cannon mixheads designed with three internal
chemical passages enabling optimized mixing of high ratio, high viscosity polyurethane chemistries. Cannon's
Trio 7 is deployed directly within Chrysler's automotive assembly line operations where dependable operation is a
strict requirement.

Not only has the Trio 7 mixhead design proven robust in continuous high-volume manufacturing operation, but has also
demonstrated superior mixing quality of the high-ratio acoustic Polyurethane foam used in automotive cavity filling.
This formulation is based on a pre-polymer which features a mixing ratio well-off the conventional one: a precise 24:1
proportion between the two components must be guaranteed!
To increase the processing difficulty we must add that the formulation reacts and hardens almost immediately, and
that these chemicals are extremely viscous and sticky, two very disturbing factors when considering the demanding work
conditions of an automotive assembly line!
The Cannon Trio 7 mixhead has met Chrysler's criteria for successful cavity filling and factory uptime.
According to Paolo Spinelli, President of Cannon USA, "The Cannon Trio 7 mixhead has exceeded initial expectations for mechanical
wear and life properties". Cannon USA and Chrysler's Windsor assembly plant are continuing to monitor and refine Trio 7
mixhead operation with even more aggressive expectations of exceeding 1 million shots before rebuild.