CAMBODIA: Rubber firm tells villagers to bounce

More than 100 families will have to move so Swift Rubber Limited - which obtained a 3,000-hectare land concession in the area last year - can begin clearing their land, the notice signed by the O'Chum district governor says.

"We saw the letter that was placed on a rubber tree to evict us without paying us any compensation. This shows a total lack of responsibility to us residents who have lived here since 1993,” community representative Chhun Sokchea, said.

Ngen Borin, a company representative, said responsibility to decide compensation lay with the authorities.

"The company is not authorised to say which families own this land or how much money [they should get]. That is the authority of the local authorities, and the company follows the authorities.”

District governor Sak Sun could not be reached.

Source: Daily "The Phom Penh Post", Phom Penh; 3 Dec 2013
(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)