CAMBODIA: Rubber exports up 42 %

According to the Ministry of Commerce, exports from July to September reached 26,403 tonnes, representing 47 % of the total 56,202 tonnes shipped from January through September. Men Sopheak, deputy director of Chhub Rubber Plantation in Kampong Cham province and one of the leading exporters, said that demand in the global economy helped to boost volume. "We see that the demand at the international market is up in the period,” he said.

With volume on the rise, prices are gradually falling. The price of rubber sold at the Cambodia-Vietnam border on Wednesday (13 Nov. 2013) was USD 2,280 per tonne, a decrease from USD 2,700 per tonne in early 2013. Total revenue from exports during the first nine months is valued at USD132 million.

Source: Daily "The Phom Penh Post", Phom Penh; 14 Nov 2013(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)