By Design: Gross Mismanagement Part II: Downsizing as Dumbsizing


Many countries struggle to provide for an increasing number of unemployed citizens. Some are financially strained and facing default. Back in the days when there were plenty of jobs nearly everyone who worked could take care of themselves and the system worked well. If jobs could be found for whomever wants to work today, it would solve a lot of the world's current problems.

People without jobs don't get married. They don't buy cars, houses, groceries, appliances, furniture, Christmas presents, office equipment, injection molding machines, and the latest digital devices that stimulate the economy. Young people with time on their hands get into mischief and are easy prey for any fast talking evangelist who promises to solve all of the world's problems.

It is obvious that the winner-take-all global economy is not generating enough jobs for those that want to work. The United States has an abundance of freshly minted college graduates who are having difficulties finding employment. There will shortly be thousands of returning soldiers who need and definitely deserve good jobs....
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