By Design: An expensive over-design


If you know how to use it, injection molding is an ideal process for packaging applications. Packaging is the largest single market for plastics, and it is and will continue to be a major market for injection molding. According to Plastics Custom Research Services' 2001 report entitled "Injection Molding: Emerging Strategies for Growth, Development - and Survival," there were 359 injection molding companies engaged in the packaging, closure, and container business. The years since have brought consolidation to the industry but in April 2010 trade weekly Plastics News reported that there are still 320 injection molders involved in those markets.

Through good engineering, copying a competitor, trial and error, or luck most OEMs sooner or later wind up producing their products with the best material and manufacturing process. Fortunately, injection molded thermoplastics are the best combination of material and process for many rigid packaging applications. The injection molding process provides a unique combination of attributes that are important to the packaging industry....
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