By Design: A case of gross mismanagement


Smith Corona was a leader in the manufacturing of typewriters for over 100 years. In 1973 the company moved production to Singapore to reduce labor costs. Syracuse, New York lost over 750 good paying jobs, but the savings weren't enough. Smith Corona was forced out of the typewriter business in 1995.

In the past, Chicago, Illinois was number one in the manufacturing of radios, telephones, household appliances, industrial machinery, musical instruments, steel, and tool/die and mold making. What happened to those once-thriving, robust industries is a study in gross mismanagement at the corporate, state, and federal level.

The television industry is a classic example of what went wrong then and what is still going wrong today. In 1970 all of the TVs sold in the U.S. were manufactured within 200 miles of Chicago. None are produced there today.
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