By Design: A Case of Gross Negligence (or why low-cost molds produce higher cost parts)


The beginnings of the American injection molding industry are shrouded in a controversy over who was first. It is well documented, however, that in 1934 the Foster Grant Company was using a modified Eckert & Ziegler injection molding machine to produce large quantities of sunglasses and combs.

The industry has been practicing injection molding for at least 77 years. In all that time the moldmakers and molders have been negligent in not going to the trouble of convincing OEMs of the importance of investing in good quality injection molds. This has been a self-defeating practice that has prevented injection molders from producing parts of the highest possible quality and the lowest possible cost.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have to be good at what they do to survive in the global economy. To achieve this many demand that their suppliers have state-of-the-art molding equipment and procedures. OEMs can purchase some of the world's best plastic materials from American manufacturers. When it comes to buying molds, OEMs have shown a preference for low-cost over high quality. This is counterproductive, as world-class molding requires a state-of-the-art mold....
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