Business leaders: Obama earned mandate but has to lead


Barack Obama won a mandate in his reelection as president and his top priority must be addressing the "fiscal cliff" the U.S. economy is sliding towards. Those were two of the overriding themes laid out by business leaders in a press conference held roughly 12 hours after Obama officially won reelection, defeating former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who had put himself forward as friendlier to business than the incumbent.

"The president, I believe, has won a mandate; that's what elections are all about," said John Engler, president 
of the Business Roundtable (BRT) and former Republican governor of Michigan. "When you win, you have a mandate, and it's not the margin, it's the victory." Asked if that mandate is to raise incomes on high earners, Engler said plainly, "I think the mandate is to lead." ...
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