Business conditions remain steady for mold industry


The results of the American Mold Builders Assn. Fall Business Forecast Survey show that business conditions remain steady for the mold manufacturing industry, with current business conditions at Good - Excellent for 78% of the respondents, the same as the Summer 2011 survey.

Projections of their company's business conditions over the next quarter have the majority of respondents-82%-optimistic, expecting business to either remain the same (52%) or increase moderately (30%). None of the respondents to the Fall survey is currently seeing "bad" business conditions, nor do any of them see any substantial decrease in business over the fourth quarter of 2011.

Most of the business activities also held constant from the Summer survey, with quoting the same for 53% of the respondents, and up for 27%. Shipments of completed molds are up or the same for 92% of the respondents. Backlog is up for 40% of the respondents and the same for 42%, which continues to support a good book of business for companies responding to the AMBA Fall survey....
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