Bumperspeed: Fully automatic production of industrial spring aids

The demand for high performance industrial spring aids is increasing year by year. The main reason is the increasing prosperity in so called emerging markets, like Brazil, India or China. The rising prosperity causes an increasing request for mobility, especially for cars.

The second reason for the rising demands of spring aids is the ongoing substitution for rubber by polyurethane.

DesmaTec, a division of Klöckner Desma GmbH, located in Achim near Bremen is focused along other things of the Manufacturing of production equipment for this branch. Spring aids are injection on big rotary tables. The moulds are designed with multi cavities. Depending on the product sizes, up to eight cavities could be done in one mould. The release agent normally will be sprayed with electrostatic guns, adapted on robots.

After opening the mould, the runner systems are cutted also by robots. No manual work is necessary. After that processes the dampers will be demoulded fully automated and pass an injection printer for getting production day cods on the fly. The tier one suppliers need that production code for their monitoring and in case of claims.

After printing the parts, they will get correctly sorted by a conveyer system, adapted on the rotary table. After finishing the parts they are ready for shipping.

It’s not only possible to produce springs aids for the automotive industry on the so called Bumperspeed machines. DesmaTec costumers are also producing parts for the crane- and elevator industry. In this industry costumers often request to place inserts in the bumpers to be able to install them at buildings or objects. Often steel plates have to been foamed in the bumpers.

Special developments regarding adaption and sealing technologies make that happen. Often camera systems are installed to make sure the right insert is placed in right mould to avoid crashes in the mould.

The kind of tempering could be customised. The moulds will be tempered normally by fluids. But it’s also state of the art of install electrical heating’s.

Another unique selling point of the Desma equipment, especially the low pressure mixing technology, is the fast component- and colour change from shot to shot. Up to four main components and four colours/ additives or catalysts can be driven at the same time. It is possible to run two Polios and Isocyanats parallel to serve the costumers with two different qualities. Especially the separate dosing of four additives, colours or catalysts creates a big amount of setup possibilities.

Visit us at the K-fair and have a look at the various setup possibilities of the Desma production equipment. There will be produced spring aids on a single mould carrier in hall 13, booth D75.

We are looking forward to see you soon.

Marten Beiersdorf