Shandong Huaxia Shenzhou New Material Co., Ltd.

Building up a “learning company”

In recent years, aiming at building up a "learning company",the company has offered the stuff a variety of training to improve their management level and professional competence.
Nowadays,the rapid development of the company has put forward a higher requests to the management work.Objectively,it needs the managerial staff to strenthen the strudy and promote the managenment level. In this year,with the purpose of improving the sense of responsibility and the professional competence of the managerial staff, the company cooperated with Shandong University , five middle-and top-level managers were single out to attend the curricula of MBA;The company engaged the expert in locale management to give a two-month professional skill training to the group leaders in the workshop;The company also cooperated with Shandong University of Technology and invited the lecturer to give a train to technologist and those concerned in the workshop about the chemical basic principle knowledge.
In addition,the company cooperated with Jinlanmeng training center for the quality of management training.Expert Zhang Quanlei, who is a very famous trainer for the Lean Management Training, was asked to help to improve the management level. The company also organizes the staff to go out to visit and study time after time,for example,part of the staff were organized to go to Shangdong Qilu Petrochemistry to sdudy the quality management experience,site management experience and equipment management experience; Every year, the company organizes the skill competition and select the master level staff,constructing the strong atmosphere of comparing with, learning from, overtaking the advanced and helping those who are less advanced.