Buckeyes No. 1, and not just in hoops


The Buckeye state can claim at least two top rankings at this time, plastics and NCAA men's college basketball. Ohio State basketball is number one in the Associated Press and Coach's polls, and with $50 billion in annual economic activity and $1.3 billion in exports from plastics, rubber, resins, polymers, composites and other advanced materials, Ohio also leads the nation in polymers and advanced materials production.

Dennis Barber, executive director of the Ohio Polymer Strategy Council, says that the state is committed to capitalizing on that strength in advanced materials to create and attract businesses and jobs. "Building on its rich rubber and automotive manufacturing heritage, Ohio has become a global leader in polymers and advanced materials," Barber said in a release. "Ohio's leadership is supported by the top polymer science programs in the U.S., the world's highest concentration of polymer research and development, and the country's most extensive industry supply chain."...
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