British molder & Countess calls development of 100% post-consumer plastics a “game changer”


While many CEOs might like to think of themselves as royalty, not many injection molding companies can actually claim a Countess as CEO of the company. But then again, the Invicta Group is far from your average molder.

Lady Leigh Onslow, the wife of The Earl of Onslow, is CEO of the Invicta Group. Her father founded the company in 1946 when he developed a polymer and rubber mix to create durable soles for military boots to combat foot problems associated with leather in jungle humidity.

In the following years, the company went on to invent the first plastic ruler and fake pearls. In the 1950s, the company created the first plastic round serving trays for Coca-Cola and launched the Hula Hoop in Europe for the Wham-O Toy company. A decade later, after approaching The Beatles and The Hollies with a concept for mass produced badges and fan memorabilia, Invicta became the first company to produce branded pop merchandise....
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