Bring custom color manufacturing in house


Liquid color manufacturer Riverdale Color is making its own proprietary custom color technology and computer controlled blending system available to plastic processors so they can establish their own in-house liquid-coloring program. Manufacturing liquid color for the past 45 years, Riverdale Color (Perth Amboy, NJ) is now marketing its own SPD (Single Pigment Dispersion) technology and advanced computer controlled blending system to processors saying they can now control their color development and manufacturing, with the SPD approach able to cut color development time by eliminating the need for third party color match and color production.

Riverdale notes that liquid color is typically 20-40 % cheaper than pelletized color concentrate, with savings on freight and small lot surcharges providing an additional 20% to 35% of cost savings versus shipping in compounded liquid color. In-house coloring also allows processors to make any size batch to minimize inventory of specific colors and avoid small lot surcharges....
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