Brand new prototyping line boosts biocomposites

BASF is gearing up a plant in its R&D center in Wyandotte, MI to demonstrate the technical and economic advantages of an innovative biocomposite process.

A web of woven kenaf fiber was impregnated with foamed water-based Acrodur acrylic latex binder resin and then immediately run through a radio-frequency dryer in a tour of the new line today for Tier One and Tier Two engineers.

The tour was the opening event in the 13th annual Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition being held this year at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI.

The Acrodur bio composite technology is already well established in Europe where at least five automotive OEMs use it to produce parts such as package trays, door trim and seat shells. BASF is making a major investment in the prototyping plant, which is tied into compression molding machines, in an effort to penetrate the American automotive industry, which has moved to alternate approaches, such as use of polypropylene matrix resin or polyurethane composites....

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