MEAF Machines B.V.

Brand new high-speed KMS600 thermoforming machine

MEAF Machines B.V. will be exhibiting during the K-Fair its completely new designed KMS600 thermoforming machine for high speed and accurate thermoforming. MEAF’s newly developed thermoforming machine combines tilting technology with a linear driven actuator, which makes the KMS600 a reliable, low-maintenance and durable asset. It is an ideal asset for medium-sized to larger companies that require higher outputs (around 40.000 cups p/hour) and process efficiency!

Special attention in this machine has been given by MEAF to offer an economical solution combined with the latest and above all advanced technology to ensure stable and efficient production and customer satisfaction!

With regards to the stacking process, MEAF has teamed up with a stacking builder specialist to design a system that provides high quality, efficiency and stable production during the whole process.

Besides the newly developed thermoforming machine, MEAF manufactures and promotes the optimised A-PET sheet extrusion line for high quality sheet combined with a high output in a compact sheetline!

With these developments, MEAF is able to provide a complete solution for a complete plant (sheet extrusion and thermoforming), with possibilities to deliver complete in-line synchronization!

In short: MEAF endeavours to fulfil individual processing needs of its customer’s by providing customisation possibilities, thinking along the whole process, continuous R&D for better solutions combined with excellent troubleshooting and after-sales service!