Brückner: New BOPP film production line for Poland

Following the K show in Düsseldorf Flexpol Sp. z.o.o., Polish plastics film producer, and Brückner Maschinenbau agreed to finalize the contract for a 6.6 m wide BOPP film production line, announced Brückner.

This investment will help Flexpol to capture the challenging specialty film market. Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, the 5-layer line is ready to produce highest quality films for most demanding packaging applications. The line also ensures Flexpol utmost flexibility for various market requirements.

Since 1996 Flexpol successfully operates a 6.2 m wide Brückner BOPP line. The new line will add a further capacity of more than 23,000 tons per year and will strengthen Flexpol`s leading position in Eastern Europe.