Bottle aseptic sterilization without the water and chemicals


The sterilization power of electron beams are harnessed in a new piece of equipment aimed at the Asian plastic bottle packaging market. This new product for sterilizing PET and HDPE bottles is designed specifically for beverage bottles where design (smaller neck size) poses a significant challenge to bottle filing equipment manufacturers. Brand owners and co-packers in the beverage bottle market can lower costs by reducing energy use, by reducing bottle resin and by eliminating the use of chemicals and water in their aseptic bottling systems.

The eITB Series emitters for these narrow-neck bottles are made and marketed by Advanced Electron Beams (AEB; Wilmington, MA).The company's electron beam sterilization technology already sees use in some form-fill-seal plastics packaging applications.

An emitter sterilizes surfaces of packaging materials at high speeds with a stream of energetic electrons. AEB says this method used less energy than standard aseptic packaging sterilization techniques, and also of course does sowithout chemicals and water -eliminating the risk of residual chemicals in the beverage. ...
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