Borealis promotes clarified PP as a replacement for PC


Borealis has launched a more transparent extrusion blowmolding grade of polypropylene (PP) specifically designed for cosmetics and baby bottles, with an eye on capturing market share forsaken by polycarbonate (PC), which continues to deal with concerns around bisphenol A (BPA).

The company said its Borclear RC737MO offers a "leap forward" in aesthetics by influencing the gloss, haze and clarity of bottles.

"Borclear RC737MO is the clear advance in transparency that the safety-conscious, aesthetically-driven cosmetics and baby sectors have been looking for when selecting PP for their product or packaging," stated Rainer Höfling, Borealis VP business unit moulding in the news release.

Using this new process, the haze value, an established indicator describing opacity, can be reduced by 25%.

The new PP bottles can be processed by applying the usual processing settings for random PP grades, with barrel temperatures in the range of 190-220°C. Its higher melt strength enables converters to more easily regulate wall thickness....
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