Borealis launches random copolymer PP for rigid packaging applications


Borealis has introduced its high-flow random copolymer polypropylene (PP) RJ901MO to the rigid packaging market.

The company said the material can be used for thin-wall packaging and houseware applications, such as storage boxes, CD and DVD cases. The grade is manufactured using Borealis' proprietary Borstar technology.

The material has a melt flow rate (MFR) of 110, which enables lower processing temperatures. For packaging converters, this creates the potential for increased productivity through optimized cycle times and energy savings. Compared to MFR 70 materials, it is possible to obtain a 20°C reduction in melt temperatures resulting in a 20% cycle time reduction.

When compared to MFR 70 materials, the material has a 10%-15% reduction in maximum injection molding pressure.

Borealis states the RJ901MO offers a good balance of stiffness and impact performance comparable to that of MFR 70 random copolymers at ambient temperatures, which allows stable stacking of finished articles. The flow and stiffness combination also makes the material qualified for the production of complex shapes or long, narrow lengths....
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