Boeing encourages suppliers to outsource to Mexico


It seems that a lot of people have their underwear in a bundle over the report that Boeing is “actively encouraging” its suppliers to outsource work to Mexico. According to an Oct. 25 report in The Seattle Times, Patrick McKenna, director of Supply Chain Strategy and Supplier Management at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, has urged suppliers to attend a Nov. 15 workshop in Chicago to learn how to do business in Mexico.

The Seattle Times quotes from a letter McKenna wrote dated Oct. 17, “Several of our suppliers have successfully set up factories in Mexico because of the numerous advantages that Mexico offers to aerospace suppliers. Boeing will be sending several people to this event, and we wanted to inform our supply base of this opportunity.”

There’s been some buzz about this around the internet blogs, mostly negative responses to Boeing inviting suppliers to an event that will teach them how to outsource work to Mexico. Yes, large OEMs have been outsourcing to Mexico for several decades—long before they started outsourcing to China.
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