Body and blood of Christ now available in one convenient plastic package


In today’s on-the-go culture, consumers are constantly on the run from one thing to the next, whether its picking up kids from school, or going to work and back. As a result, more often than not they are taking things "to go." Now it seems like churches are following suit by offering the body and blood of Christ in one convenient plastic package.

Fellowship Cups are pre-filled Communion cups with an unleavened wafer and a grape juice blend instead of wine. So, it’s OK to take Sunday Service while driving.

The sanitary, disposable, single-serving container has a top clear film which provides easy access to the wafer. Once the wafer is consumed the second seal reveals the juice. Fits into standard Communion cup trays and no refrigeration is needed. Cups are guaranteed fresh if used by stamped date on the box.
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