Bodo Möller Chemie: Partnership with BASF extended to Poland

Since 1972 Bodo Möller Chemie was distributing additives and pigments to the lacquer and plastic industries for Ciba-Geigy and later on for Ciba-Spezialitätenchemie. After the integration of Ciba to BASF, this partnership has now been extended. From 1st December on, Bodo Möller Chemie Polska will sell and distribute the former Ciba pigments and additives of the BASF product portfolio for the lacquer, paint and plastic industries in Poland, announced the company.

With the extension of this strategic partnership Bodo Möller Chemie Polska further expands his coatings and polymer additives activities. This enlarged portfolio enables Bodo Möller Chemie Polska to become an almost full supplier for additives in the plastic industry. Other portfolio extensions are in preparation for the additives activities. Bodo Möller Chemie Polska will thus get a strong position on the polish market.