Board of Trustees of the Plastics Industry award Fine Arts Prize

The Museum Ludwig and Suchan Kinoshita (born in 1962 in Tokyo, lives in Maastricht and Münster) will receive the Fine Arts Prize of the Board of Trustees of the Plastics Industry (Kunstpreis des Kuratoriums der Kunststoff-Industrie). This prize will enable the Japanese-German artist to have a solo exhibition in the Museum Ludwig’s largest sun-lighted gallery.

Contrasts play a central role in Kinoshita’s work: sound and silence, distance and nearness, permanence and fleetingness. These themes are not just coincidentally related to theatre and music. For Kinoshita (pronounced keen-OSH-ta), who came to Cologne in 1981 to study at the music academy, this connection is natural. Her work is often located at the crossroads of theater, music and visual art.

In her exhibitions, Kinoshita creates a subtle interplay of objects, sounds and spatial perception. This invites the visitor to move through the installation and regard things alone or in their varying interrelationships. In addition to her experience in theatre and music, her examination of zen and the haiku also find their way into her work. The exhibition thus acquires a contemplative tone that emphasizes the open and associative character of Kinoshita’s art.

At the Museum Ludwig, Kinoshita will assemble a selection of earlier and new works that are chosen distinctly for the way they will work together in the large gallery. Exhibition of her earlier works allows new insights into, and access to, her complex methods. She consistently questions the roles of actor and spectator, but through varying means. Thus not only the artist, but also (and perhaps more importantly) viewers and art objects have a voice.

Within the space, Kinoshita will place numerous small and large sculptures on tables, on the gallery floor and on shelves. They are separate groups of work – from small, almost delicate “Guckies” (altered slide viewers that alienate and make the small look monumental), to the fragile “Clocks” (irregular hourglasses filled with fluids that measure time by different speeds), to the solid “Isofollies” (detritus wrapped up in black plastic sheeting and made into an independent sculpture of new value). Filmed performances with a play of light and language will also be shown. The exhibition might thus be seen as comprising many singular shows that can stand alone and still come together.

The Fine Arts Prize of the Board of Trustees of the Plastics Industry was founded in 2002. Since then it has been awarded every other year to a museum for the successful advocacy of contemporary art. The prize of €50,000 is intended at the same time to make possible the significant exhibition of an outstanding artist who has rendered service in the education and advocacy of younger artists. Previous prize holders have been: the Städel Museum, Frankfurt and Thomas Bayrle, 2002; the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and Fritz Schwegler, 2004; the Galerie Neue Meister, Dresden and Martin Honert, 2006; and the Weserburg, Bremen and Jean-François Guiton, 2008.

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