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Blown Film Production with Increased Reclaim Content / Rotary Filtration System from Gneuss provides film quality improvements and constant line availability

SFXmagnus Filtration System in a blown film line
The raw material costs and the need to keep the production line running continuously are key factors in ensuring the viability of blown film extrusion lines for the manufacture of refuse sacks, carrier bags, food packaging and hygienic films for example. In order to increase the proportion of reclaim or recycled material in their products, blown film manufacturers are increasingly taking advantage of the performance characteristics offered by the Rotary Filtrations Systems from Gneuss in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany.

The SFXmagnus is tailor made for blown film applications. It is characterised by its large active area, operator-friendliness, compact dimensions and represents attractive value for money. As Managing Director Dr. Stephan Gneuss points out: “On blown film applications, the return on investment for the SFXmagnus is usually around one year – and this is for retrofitting to and existing line where the replacement of an existing screen changer has to be justified”.
The use of a Filtration System permits the increased use of reclaimed or recycled material in the manufacture of blown film, thereby decisively improving the economic efficiency of the line. The short return on investment is the result of the operating characteristics of the SFXmagnus, which – like all the Melt Filtration Systems from Gneuss – is based on the Rotary Disc system. Thanks to its process-constant operation, the SFXmagnus both improves the product quality and guarantees interruption–free production. The production is not even influenced during screen changes. In this way, the maximum line availability can be achieved. At the same time, the process-constant operation of the SFXmagnus permits the use of finer filtration, providing a higher quality, flatter film with tighter tolerances.

For example: a manufacturer of 3-layer PE refuse sack film retrofitted an extrusion line with a SFXmagnus. This permitted an increase in the proportion of recycled material from 25 to 45 %. Another blown film manufacturer, with a single layer line for packaging film was even able to use up to 100 % recycled material. Dr. Gneuss shares his customer´s enthusiasm: both customers are delighted at the line availability which they now operate with. “The lines run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as they no longer need to be stopped for screen change”.