Bioresorbables at TESco: A look at the future of medical plastics


TESco Associates (Tyngsborough, MA) is not your normal plastics injection molding operation.

The entire working supply of resin compounds is kept in a smallish room in refrigerated plastic bags that each are valued at thousands of dollars. Every piece of primary and secondary processing equipment is highly customized, often with proprietary modifications. When new equipment is installed, suppliers are told to send only one technician, preferably one the company already knows. Five hundred parts may be a large annual run for the life of a product. Every part is inspected with a microscope. There are more than twice as many people working in quality control than in production. There are no outside sales people. And the product development cycle is many years.

At the helm is president G. Lawrence Thatcher, who founded the company in 1980, as a plastics engineering consultancy while he was on the faculty at UMass Lowell. Five years later he gave up his faculty position, bought his first injection molding machine and in 1996 he made a decision to focus his business on the development and manufacturing of bioresorbable implantable medical devices, such as fasteners, stents and scaffolds....
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