Bioplastics make their way into the tube and into the can


Plastics made from renewable resources are being specified in some interesting new applications, including these two: a biodegradable toothpaste tube and "Blue Cat," a cost-cutting kitty litter box. In the toothpaste tube the material is used as most plastics are—extruded and injection molded—whereas in the litter box the bioplastic granulate is used as its litter.

The biodegradable toothpaste tubes are being made for Allveggie, a Swedish brand owner that produces toothpaste made from natural substances. The tubes are processed by Tectubes using material supplied by FKuR.

Tectubes injection mold, extrudes and prints the various parts of the tube. "Using bio resins for such an application was a challenge for us. We needed to have compatibility between the different parts, and match them together with good conversion properties," commented Johan Barkentin, project leader at Tectubes' operation in Sweden; it also has processing capacity in the U.S....
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