Bioplastics and composites are key parts of Arkema’s growth plans


During the company's Investor Day this week in Paris, France, the management of plastics and chemicals supplier Arkema announced their plans to accelerate the company's growth strategy, with bioplastics and composite plastics cited as two of the pillars to support these plans.

Arkema is hardly a newcomer to the field of plastics based on renewable resources. Revenue from biosourced plastics already account for 30% of Arkema's technical polymer business, and it spends about two-thirds of this activity's R&D budget on further development of these materials. These polymers often offer the same or even improved properties compared to their oil-sourced counterparts. The supplier's lineup includes Rilsan 11 (polyamide processed entirely from castor oil), Pebax Rnew (up to 90% biosourced elastomer), Rilsan Clear Rnew (transparent polyamide made from 54% renewable raw materials), and Rilsan HT (high temperature polymer derived from castor oil for engine-compartment automotive applications)....
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